Press Release – Glasgow

25th November 2010

‘After due consideration the Scottish Referees Association have decided to go ahead with the planned strike on the weekend of 27/28 November 2010. Over recent weeks the level of criticism aimed at referees across Scotland has reached a point where referees have been unable to carry out their business and private lives in a normal manner. The challenges to our integrity and professionalism by certain parties is unjust, and we believe that people in positions of authority should show more professionalism in comments made to the media and the public. On top of this, the injury crisis at Ibrox has to be given due consideration. The Rangers could really do with a break this weekend, and it is the duty of the Scottish Referees Association, in conjunction with the Establishment, to give the Queen’s XI a well earned rest’

We’ll let you know either way about this weekends game once it is confirmed.