OVER 75 per cent of Rangers fans polled on the club’s future would rather they played in SFL Division Three next season than accept a compromise deal for a place in the SPL.

In a survey conducted by the Rangers Fans’ Fighting Fund from the email database of the club’s season ticket holders, the Rangers fans were asked three questions:

(1) Do you want Rangers to play in SFL Division One next season – with sanctions?

(2) Do you want Rangers to play in SFL Division One next season if there are sanctions?

Or (3) Should Rangers drop into and play from SFL Division Three next season?

Only 3 per cent of fans who responded went for option (1): just over 20 percent chose option (2) while almost 76 per cent said they would prefer Rangers to go to the bottom division of the Scottish Football League.

“Every other club and their fan base seems to have had an opinion of what should happen to Rangers,” said a spokesperson for the RFFF. “That’s why we wanted Rangers fans to voice their opinion – and they have done so. We said we would publish the findings – and that’s what we are doing.

“It shows the depth of feeling among our fans who have shown that they don’t want any favours from the rest of the clubs – or any preferential treatment.

“What these Rangers fans are saying is: “If that is what is to happen to us, then let it happen and let us move on. We will support Rangers – no matter where they are playing.”