We would like to encourage all members of The Dubai Loyal and indeed the wider Rangers Family to sign the e-petition created today. By obtaining 100,000 signatures parliament we can influence the government to discuss HMRC’s handling of Rangers Tax Tribunal and the subsequent damaging leaks.

The leaks from HMRC found its way onto the failed Rangers Tax case blog which in turn saw many elements within the media take the information as gospel. The media’s actions in all of this, believing faceless bloggers, saw the club labelled as cheats and guilty of tax evasion before the FTTT announcement.

The E-petition can be found at the following URL:

With the threat of litigation emanating from Charlotte Square, the RTC blog has deleted all of his/her blogs. However, blogs can be found here:

Don’t forget that despite all the off the field discussions taking place this week, the most important event of the week will be the top of the table clash away to Elgin City on Sunday.  The match kicks-off at 4pm and as always will be live in Centre Circle.