Just a quick note on the Rangers v Celtic Legends Event on the 21st & 22nd November:

  • Can those members attending please ensure payment is made by this coming saturday 16th November down at CC for the Forfar Game
  • If you cannot make this Saturday please contact Jim or Paul to arrange an alternative meet

As a reminder costs are as follows:

  • Golf AED 650 per person 21st Nov 12.00 Shotgun Start Jebel Ali Golf Club
  • Dinner AED 600 per person (Black Tie) – 7.30 pm Jebel Ali Hotel
  • Football Game  – Kickoff at 12 Noon Jebel Ali Football Academy

There will be a BBQ / Drinks arranged after the game on the Friday, details on pricing will follow.

As a final note today is Remembrance Sunday, take a few minutes to think of those fallen heroes

lest we forget