Rangers AGM – Voting by Proxy

Dubai Loyal Members and fellow Bears / Bearettes

In relation to the forthcoming AGM of Rangers we have been asked by Scott Semple, Secretary of ORSA, to pass on an email originating from the Rangers Supporters Trust, providing details on voting by proxy for those supporters who own shares in our beloved club

i would add as this time that the Committee of Dubai Loyal in no way endorse The Rangers Supporters Trust as its up to each individual to form their own opinion and vote accordingly either by means of proxy or in person at the AGM

Scott’s email

Dear All,

Please can you forward this email to all of your members. I understand some members of various clubs will be back in Glasgow for the AGM so I think it is important for those to be aware of the procedures on the day.
I know this guide has been put in place by the Rangers Supporters Trust (RST), but this should not be seen as some kind of endorsement, however they should be applauded for putting the time and effort in to produce such a guide ahead of such an important event in our history.
For those that are shareholders but won’t be travelling back for the AGM, please ensure that you have “proxied” your vote to someone. Again, the RST have produced a guide on what you need to do. http://www.therst.co.uk/proxy-voting/
As all of us can surely testify it has not been easy being a Rangers supporter these last few years having to deal with all the off-field nonsense, but it is your team – we are the lifeblood of the club – so for that very reason it is vitally important that you make your voice heard and use your vote. So whether you agree with the current regime or wish to throw your support to the requisitioners, it is important that you at least use our vote either way. 
Scott Semple
ORSA Secretary