Season 2018/19 Membership Fees

The membership fees for the coming season are now due and the committee would like to highlight the below points for attention.

The Dubai Loyal has a history as one of the largest supporters clubs in the Middle East & Asia area but with the team struggling on the pitch since 2012, Dubai recovering from the financial crash and the down turn in Oil & Gas related activity the clubs membership numbers have diminished. More members will open up opportunities for events and gives us better bargaining power with venues and vendors.

  • We encourage members, outside of the committee to further support the club by encouraging their friends and colleagues to join the club.
  • It’s important to point out that the memberships allow us to pay the yearly subscriptions for Rangers TV and without members, there are times we’d be unable to screen matches.
  • Membership benefits allow you to receive 20% discount on food and 15% on beverage, not only in the center circle bar, but all of the hotels restaurants.
  • Increased memberships would allow us to expand the selection of merchandise available.
  • Improving member numbers allows us to return to hosting ex-players/managers on match days and reopens opportunities for organized events, such as golf days, speakers nights and so on.
  • Memberships are 200 AED for the year.
  • We’d all like a return to the glory days both on and off the park. Let’s support our club.

    #Lets Go