Rangers Light Up The World

Last weekend we saw our great club lift a world record 55th championship. The weekend culminated with a spectacular ‘Lighting up the Burj’ visual show. This was an idea that began as a dream for the lads and lassies of the Dubai Loyal RSC. This dream was shared with a few in the wider ‘Rangers Family’ for support and guidance. One brainstorming group call led to a series of strategic Zoom meetings with Bears across the world, and a handful of key individuals within Rangers Football Club.
A strategy was laid out, permissions were granted, and the team got to work. This spectacular display was over 2 months in the making, and the core team would like to thank everyone who played a part from concept to completion!

Along the way we raised funds within a close community of Bears across the world – and a massive thank you goes out to each and every one who helped with this crucial aspect. Not only did your generosity help with the display, but we are now in a position to confirm that two important charities will be benefiting from our efforts, with both organisations receiving a donation cheque for £3,290; The Kris Boyd Charity and The Former Players Benevolent Club.

Once again thank you to everyone who played their part in pulling-off this spectacular global first on behalf of our football club’s historic achievement.

The Rangers Family are Simply The Best!


Ruary McGregor, Colin McCabe, and Nikki Martin – Dubai Loyal RSC
Gary Gillan and Brian Campbell – NARSA
Ange McLennan – ORSA
John McEwan, Scott McKinnon & David Strang – Bridgeton Loyal RSC
Gus Oakley – Ayr & Prestwick RSC

This is the greatest club in the world @RangersFC #high55 #champions55