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English Now! creates access to blended learning for English Language Learners (ELLs) through weekly learning circles. Learning circles combine independent learning using an online course or app with group sessions that foster peer learning and leadership development. Learners build digital literacy skills, become comfortable learning online and develop self-efficacy as lifelong learners, and gain strategies for how to be successful in more formal classes. Now in its third phase, English Now! learning circles are being offered at eight participating adult education programs in seven states.

English Now! provides a flexible, customizable framework through which programs offer online content for ELLs in virtual or face-to-face learning circles. Learning circles can serve learners with barriers to attending more time-intensive classes and help programs serve learners on waiting lists. Learning circles create a pipeline of learners who are prepared with digital skills, acclimated to program policies and materials, and ready for formal classes.

After a year in which adult learners successfully participated in online learning, interest in remote programming high. Programs view learning circles as part of their long-term, remote learning solution. World Education has developed expertise and a wealth of knowledge and resources during the three phases of English Now! and is equipped to assist programs in impementing learning circles in both remote and face-to-face settings. This project is supported by the Dollar General Literacy Foundation.


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