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If you have come along to one of the games and would like to leave some comments, have questions about the club, membership, the bar, upcoming games or even if you just have some ideas on how to make our website better, please do it here!


Posted September 17, 2010 by Andy Mac

40 responses to “Visitors Comments

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  1. Hi trying to get a hold of Andy Mac..

    Big man myself & Y are coming over at the end of this week, can you drop us an e mail on the address above?

    • Thanks David, I think this will be the only way to see the game in Dubai.

      We dont have the facility to stream in the pub yet, so I guess its a night at home in front of the computer

      I’ll put the link you sent into the front page post

    Though some of you might like to have a look at the above website

  3. Wondering if could join the club as i am a massive fan of Rangers and looking forward to the game on saturday against St Mirren.

  4. Sure, just come along to Centre Circle on Saturday and see Mike about membership. In the meantime i’ve rehstered you so you will receive email updates.

  5. Hi me and my mates are in dubai for the old firm cup game, was wondering will the game be showed at any venue and do u need to have any speacial arrangments to watch it!! we are all massive bluenoses and dont wanna miss our team beat the celts?

  6. Bears, I need a piper for 1hr at Emirates Golf Club on Tues 15th March from 6 – 7pm, if anyone knows one who could help me out (pay the going rate) please get in touch. or 0507147818, much appreciated.

    Cheers, Joe Thorburn.

  7. Meet Norrie and Stu Beardie in Eindhoven two amazing guys and such a laugh hope to meet you guys again also had a kick about in the eindhoven square 0-0 draw lol im looking forward to the photos with cheesy aswell watp

  8. Will be arrriving in Dubai on Thursday 17th , where can we watch game and cup final on Sunday ? Thanks .

  9. I remember the kick about and nearly killing a guy on a bike and an old woman sitting in a 3rd floor office block. I will get beardy to post the ‘cheesie’ pictures and remember to bring the ball to the next game.

  10. Hi, I’m travelling over to Dubia/Abu Dhabi on 6th April for 3 weeks. Will you be showing all games? Would we need to join or anything or just come along?


  11. hey, arriving in dubia/abu dhabi on 6th april for 3 weeks, would love to see the rangers games, will you guys be showing them and are we ok just to come along?


  12. Hey guys im in Dubai for a couple of days and wondering if you are showing the St Johnstone game?

    Also I’m in Madia One Hotel…. Where is the Center Circle bar?

    F Mac

    • Fraser, sorry for the late response, I’ve been travelling and Wes has hurt his back so we haven’t been updating the website as m uch as normal. Hopefully you got to see the game in Centre Circle – its in The Ramada Chelsea Hotel – you can see the link on the side of the web page.

      Andy Mac

  13. I will be in Singapore for the final match of the season. Does anyone know where i could see the Kilmarnock game there? Cheers. Mon the Gers

  14. Sportsmans bar on orchard road shows all the games.

    David Critchley
  15. Brilliant Super Ally on Sunday and East Fife tonight….lets hope Ross County do the same o Wednesday to Lemmons Dolls Heads…

  16. This letter should have been written last week:

    Dear Jim,

    Can you fix it for us to win a league game ?

    Yours hopefully,
    Neil x

  17. Good morning !

    Is it possible to purchase some of your club merchandise mail order, happy to pay all the costs.


  18. Hi Dougie, sorry, but right now we aren’t setup to sell via mail order (maybe some day) and the postal system here would make it very difficult for us to guarantee safe, timely delivery.

    Andy Mac

  19. Hi,im moving to Qatar in 2 days but will be traveling between Qatar and Dubai for around 8 weeks.Im a gers man and was wondering if i would have to book a seat for any games being shown in March/April.The old firm especially.Any contact welcome.

    We dont do walking away.

  20. Hello there! Was on the bus coming back from Snow Patrol last night and met a crackin bloke, Ian fae East Kilbride, We went to same school as well! Told me all about the Bears and wondering if you can tell me how to join? All the best WATP.


  21. Who are the Mhanky Mob? Does that mean Celtic? I support Rangers from Goa for many many years

    Mohammed fernandez
  22. Hey guys – not sure if your aware but the Falkirk website are showing the game to overseas viewers for a fiver – I’m watching it in France. Little just scored before HT it’s 0-1 

  23. Hello there ,
    cud u pass on ma best bluenose wishes 2 big Jim Graham & wee Himey ! fae the Leish !

    WATP !!!!

  24. nice golf bags but have you not considered any in tangerine? cheers

  25. Loud and warm greetings from the Prussia Loyal to my old friends in Dubai. Miss you guys!

    Mark “Ze German” Hamilton

    Mark "Ze German" Hamilton
  26. I think about coming over to Dubai next year twist to buy three of ure club shirts who do I get in touch with to buy them when I out there

  27. Hullo Dubai Bears
    I’m thinking of coming across from Taif for the weekend when the mhankies visit Ibrox.
    I’m assuming you will be showing the match in the Centre Circle.
    Hope to see you all there.
    Yours In Blue…..
    Dave Shaw, Taif Loyal (KSA)

  28. Guys, will Villarreal game be shown on Thursday evening?

  29. Hi,

    I will be in Dubai on the 29th December. Will the old firm be shown at this bar?


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